Why Should You Buy Health Insurance From an Established Insurance Agent?


Health Insurance has always been an essential investment, but this has further become a necessity in recent years. With an increase in individuals around the globe suffering from medical conditions and ailments, it is highly advised to secure their health and get access to the best healthcare by opting for medical insurance.

It is, however, necessary to understand the market and opt for the best insurance policy for your needs. For those who are unsure or don’t know how to tell the difference between the various coverages, jargon used, exclusions, claims process, etc., it is essential to avail yourself of the help of an insurance agent health to make the most out of this investment and get the best coverage for your needs.

What is an Insurance Agent?

An agent in insurance is licensed to sell policies from insurance providers to potential customers. They showcase the policies offered by the insurer, offer advice, recommend the best plan based on the customer’s needs, and provide detailed explanations about the policies, from the policy duration, coverages, claim requirements and process, special conditions, etc.

There are two types of agents based on their affiliation:

  • Independent Agents are individuals who are free to sell policies from any number of insurance providers and earn commissions on the sale of the policy.
  • Exclusive Agents are individuals who sell policies only from a single insurer and usually earn a monthly salary on top of the commissions for sales.

How Can an Agent Help in Getting the Best Plan?

Approaching a reliable and established agent can help you get the best plan for your needs. Here is a list of five ways approaching an agent can help you get the best plan.

1.  In-depth Knowledge

An exclusive agent must have in-depth knowledge about all the policies they offer.

2 Personalised recommendation

An agent offers personalised recommendations from their suite of products, allowing the customer to get the best plan for their needs.

3.  Understand the fine print

An agent has intricate knowledge of the products and can dispel the overwhelming nature of some of these policies, helping you understand the fine print.

4. Exclusive discounts

Some agents have access to exclusive discounts, allowing you to make the policy more economical.

5.  Ease and convenience

Working with an agent offers ease and convenience in choosing and purchasing a policy.

Where to Buy Health Insurance From?

When buying health insurance, choosing the right provider and agent is essential. Due to the nature of health insurance, opting for incomplete or inappropriate coverage might result in stress and financial loss. This is why it is necessary to consider the insurer’s reliability, claim settlement ratio, coverages offered, premium prices, etc.

Over the years, I have landed on exclusive agents because they represent an entire organisation. It should be more reliable as they do not have to focus on selling as many plans as possible. In recent years, I got my health insurance from Niva Bupa, a leading health insurance provider with an excellent claim settlement ratio, and networked with my preferred hospital.


Approaching an insurance agent from an established and reliable insurance provider can help you get the best policy for your needs. This can safeguard your financial security and ensure peace of mind as you secure your health. From personalised recommendations and cutting through the fine print to exclusive discounts, ease, convenience, and in-depth knowledge can help you make the best of this investment.

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