Establish Credibility in the Workplace

Richard Ghilarducci Lists Effective Ways Leaders Can Establish Credibility in the Workplace


Credibility implies to the quality of showcasing integrity and dependability, and gaining legitimate trust. It is a quality that all business leaders must possess. As Richard Ghilarducci says, to establish credibility, leaders need to be a reliable source of information and decision-making among their team members. Credibility enhances a leader’s ability to influence and persuade others. When employees believe in the credibility of a leader, they are more likely to accept change initiatives and collaborate effectively.

Richard Ghilarducci underlines a few ways business leaders can establish credibility

Without credibility, one would not be able to lead efficiently. Credibility cannot be just established through a title or a certification. It requires integrity. No matter whether one is just starting out or has worked the way up to a position of leadership, it is vital to establish credibility in the workplace.  Here are a few tips that can help in doing so:

  • Stay up to date with changes in the field: With time, almost all industries advance and evolve. No matter how skilled a business leader is in their field, they must keep an eye out for emerging trends that impact their company. This would show the team members and employees that the business leader really knows what is going on in the industry and can effectively adapt to changes. To keep pace with industry changes, one can subscribe to industry publications, attend industry events and seminars, as well as join online industry forums.
  • Be transparent with information: Business leaders who withhold vital information are likely to be viewed as untrustworthy or controlling the employees. Hence, it is always better to be honest and share information with the relevant parties. Embracing transparency is an indispensable aspect of establishing credibility in the workplace. Business leaders need to make sure that every employee is aware of their responsibilities and job functions. Effective communication channels must be put in place so that the employees know where they can get verified information.
  • Value respect over likeability: It is unwise to be the person who smiles at meetings but lacks true interest in working with team members. Even though being likeable might seem pleasant to most people, its impact is only temporary and is not enough to establish credibility. People who are likeable but not actually considerate may eventually be viewed as insincere or phony. To be respected as a leader, one must not be afraid of providing feedback and constructive criticism. This would show that one truly cares about the performance and success of the team members and will prove valuable in the long run.

As Richard Ghilarducci mentions, having the skill to make intelligent and strategic choices is essential for effective leadership. Making impulsive decisions can damage the credibility of a leader and cause others to doubt their trustworthiness. No matter whether the decisions are significant or routine, they should always be carefully considered and informed. To improve their decision-making skills and establish credibility, leaders must envision the desired outcome of the decision, as well as consider its benefits and consequences, prior to taking any action. They must also be open to getting feedback from the team members.

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